How To Write A Cover Letter For A Remote Job


Often, cover letters add color that may be missing from thejob resume. For remote candidates, resume cover letters are an important way to share more about your background, skills and expertise. A resume cover letter can help your application stand out from the larger pool of candidates and showcase a bit of your personality that won’t show up in a resume. If you do not have remote work experience, you can highlight specific awards or training that you think show relevant skills. Another purpose of this section could be to explain employment gaps or other unique work situations.

cover letter for remote position

The applicant highlights their personal connection to their mission. Even though you’re a hardworking, intelligent employee, your hiring manager needs more.

Why This Career Change Cover Letter Is Good

The more I read about the position and your company, it strikes me deeper how much I think we’re going to do great things together. This further sets the mind of the employer at ease knowing you’re not new to the remote working scene.

  • Nicholas goes above and beyond in describing his accomplishments and his soft skills in communication and management.
  • Learning new tools and technology is consistently part of my personal and professional growth.
  • A cover letter is only effective when it’s tailored to the company and position you’re applying for.
  • From social media to analytics, he’s done a great job of helping the hiring manager picture Jack as one of the team.

If you have time, a quick review would really make our day (it’ll only take 10 seconds). Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses have moved their workforce online. Make sure you create a good first impression to give yourself the best chance of earning an interview. You can even call or email the company’s human resources department to ask for the right name. Adjust your cover letter margins between 1″ and 1.5″ depending on the length of your letter.

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Do you have experience solving a problem they’re working on? Do you love their brand voice or approach to product development? When you end your cover letter, give the hiring manager your contact information , and say that you look forward to an interview (preferably in-person). Additionally, spelling out acronyms and abbreviations ensures you’re using relevant cover letter keywords. Many companies use applicant tracking systems to filter out applications that don’t use enough of their target keywords, so you should at least be aware of them when writing your letter. Tailor your cover letter’s tone and language to reflect the values, principles, beliefs, and attitudes in the company’s materials. Think about matching visual cues, too — for instance, if the company’s website is minimal, consider using a simple cover letter template.

  • Christian Eilers is a career expert specializing in resumes, cover letters, the employment process, and life on the job.
  • You’ll be able to fix your resume and cover letter with the help of this guide and turn around your bad luck ASAP.
  • Having to put into written words why someone should hire you can often make job seekers draw a giant blank.
  • Chances are, you’ve heard the old phrase, “You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.” Cliche, but true.
  • I appreciate your consideration for the marketing strategist role and hope to speak with you soon.

Almost 62% of employees in the US say that they work remotely on some occasions and 30% telecommute full-time. So figure out the most important trait or quality a hiring manager for each position would want to see and make sure to point this out as it relates to your experience. This is where you have to tie everything you’ve done so far together to briefly explain why you’re the perfect fit for the position. So if you have proficiency in working with remote tools, it’s smart to highlight the specific ones you’ve used to show you don’t need much training. Since it’s harder to train employees who work remotely, candidates who already have experience working with remote platforms are going to be considered over those who don’t.

Cover Letter Example For Applying For Multiple Jobs

If the culture of the company seems a bit more casual, you can use a more conversational tone that showcases your true voice. The next section can serve as a space for unique details you think set you apart from other candidates. For example, if you have extensive remote work experience, that can be the focus of this paragraph.

cover letter for remote position

There is no “official format” for your cover letter or the information you include in it, but your cover letter should be visually organized, and orderly in its presentation of information. There’s nothing worse than submitting a cover letter with an obvious spelling or grammar mistake. Try reading your cover letter out loud or backward to help catch tiny mistakes. Or, better yet, have a fresh set of eyes proofread for you. Try your best to keep your cover letter to a single page.

Advice For Tech Bootcamp Students

After the greeting comes the introduction paragraph. Open your cover letter with an attention grabbing hook that reels the reader in. With the right opener, your cover letter is likely to be read in full instead of briefly scanned. Additionally, include your LinkedIn Profile and personal website or portfolio, if you have them. Both play an important role in building your personal brand. Your cover letter is the perfect place to answer these questions in your own words.

I have excellent communication skills, I’m a team player, and have experience in project management, as well. As the Senior Writer for Magma Publishing, I led a group of 18 writers in various projects throughout my 5 years at the organization. I was awarded the Bronze Badge of Excellence Award for leadership three times. My IT experience gives me a unique ability to apply technology, in all its forms, to business processes. Some of the business process knowledge includes accounting, finance, facilities, inventory control, budgeting, vendor management, and various operational processes.

The Complete Guide To Getting Your First Remote Job

It may be nice to no longer have a commute, but don’t tell the hiring manager that! 71% of employees wish to work remotely in some cover letter for remote position capacity, even after the pandemic is over. So, if you find a fully remote job that suits you, it’s time to bring your A-game.

cover letter for remote position

The longer you “sit on” a cover letter to edit and re-write it, the longer you prolong the opportunity for someone else to get the attention of the hiring manager you want to impress. I work with a lot of job seekers who simply cannot stand writing a cover letter.

If you want to land a killer work from home customer service job, your customer service cover letter needs to stand out. In fact, one survey found that 83% of HR professionals agreed that a great cover letter can secure you an interview even if your resume isn’t good enough. Despite what you may think of cover letters, they still matter in 2021! Cover letters bridge the gap between the position you’re applying for and your experience. Your resume may give the hiring manager a good idea of your work experience and education.

Hiring managers are looking for people who can help them solve problems. Drawing on the research you did earlier, show that you know what the company does and some of the challenges it faces. These don’t need to be specific but you might mention how the industry has been affected by the pandemic. You want to provide evidence of the things that set you apart. Copy the example above, change the name and accomplishments with yours and you’re ready to go. Just remember to personalize each cover letter to the job position you’re applying for.

To do this, look at the job description, pull 3-5 specific skills they are looking for, and create a specific bullet point that shows a related accomplishment, skill, or qualification. Check out our menu of Career Services provided by our team of certified professionals, including resume and career coaching services for remote jobseekers. While your résumé is meant to be a look back at your experience and where you’ve been, the cover letter should focus on the future and what you want to do, says Glickman. You can use your cover letter to explain the shift you’re making, perhaps from hospitality to marketing, for example. Think of it as an opportunity to sell your transferrable skills.

  • Remote working opportunities are becoming more readily available across many industries.
  • On this page, you can see Buffer’s company core values.
  • Summarize your biggest professional achievement in a single sentence.
  • Much like with any other job search, your past experience is going to carry a lot of weight.
  • A remote cover letter is an extension of your resume, it is not a resume 2.0.

It’s also where you can display your written communication skills and show you can think through situations with ease. Even if the end result wasn’t so great, you can still mention what you learned and how you’d handle things differently next time. And when you do, mention specific project details — including your role and how you handled the situation, along with the outcome. Try out a free portfolio site or invest the time in creating your own website to show off your value and experience.

Cover Letter Example For A Remote Position

I would appreciate an opportunity to talk with you or someone in your organization to see where my skill set would be of the greatest benefit to your company. I know I could be a great asset to your department.

Here’s where you’ll put your research to use by emphasizing your personal commitment to the company’s unique vision, goals, missions, and values. Close the paragraph with what you could contribute once you join the team. However, employers do this to instantly weed out applicants who fail to thoroughly read listings.

What To Include In Your Cover Letter?

Show your talent in finding, marketing, and selling homes quickly. Use one of your cover letter examples and build yours in minutes.

Use a creative template and give your application a little flair. Your cover letter’s main mission is to demonstrate ability and enthusiasm. Use short sentences and bullet points to highlight your skills and how they’ll benefit the company.

Writing a cover letter already places you ahead of the majority. If your future job requires you to know how to use Tableau or Python, tell the hiring manager that you know how to do that. Good remote workers need to have great communication skills. You also will want to highlight your self-sufficiency. Hiring managers want to ensure they’re hiring self-starters. Workers who stay ambitious in a remote environment are ideal.


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